Monday, January 14, 2013

Sketches, experiments, etc..

Here are some recent sketches I've been doing after work to just try something different and do some mindless painting. I've posted them around on various places, but I felt like I should consolidate them all here.  Some finished work will be posted soon hopefully!


  1. Very impressive! that grainy PS brushes add an effect of traditional painting
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Damn! I love the painterly approach

  3. really cool stuff man, very inspirational.

  4. Thanks guys I appreciate it! Hope you're doing well John!

  5. These are freakin' gorgeous, Mitch. Every time you post an update I'm always bragging on you and sending links around to my coworkers. Ha! And every time the images just keep getting better and better. Keep 'em coming! I know a lot of guys use a lot of photo manip in their work but it doesn't seem like your using any. Is this true?

    1. Thanks Ryan! For these images, i didn't use any photo manip. I use some whenever I do actual work if it's needed for a tight deadline or to get texture, but mostly I like to paint most of it if time allows. Hope you're well man!

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